Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Creating vSphere VM Snapshot for a given list of servers

#Taking the input from user
$File_Name = Read-Host "Provide the filename that contains the list of Servers "
$VM_list = Get-Content "$File_Name"

Write-Host "VMName`t`t`t      SnapShot Name`t`t`t`t`t    Size of Snapshot"
# Checking each Server one by one
foreach($CHK_VM in $VM_List) {
$Cap_VM_Info = Get-VM $CHK_VM | Get-Snapshot | Select VM, Name, SizeGB
$Name = $Cap_VM_Info.VM
              $SnapshotName = $Cap_VM_Info.Name
              $SizeOfSnapshot = $Cap_VM_Info.SizeGB

Write-Host "$Name`t`t$SnapshotName`t`t`t$SizeOfSnapshot"

Get-VM | Sort Name | Get-Snapshot | Where { $_.Name.Length -gt 0 } | Select VM,Name,Created,SizeMB

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